Freight management

Competetive edge through freight management

Hardtilt has a supply chain approach to freight procurement. Its the strenght of the whole supply chain that creates the competetive edge. 

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Freight procurement

Your headache,
our passion

Companies has a vast knowledge of procurement of their core products. But to often we see procurement departments chasing small gains in landed cost KPI:s. Increasing admin cost in the whole company due to lack of expertise of freight procurement.

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Find your savings

the cost driven by freight procurement

  • Direct cost

    Due to our expertise in freight procurement, we are able to achieve competetive freight prices.
    We are known player within freight procurement.
    Freight companies values a good relationship with us due to our total volumes.
    This pays off in both service and direct freight cost.

  • Indirect cost

    Purchasing organisations tend to look at only the direct cost when procuring freight.
    Leading to operational cost driven by inefficient processes.
    We understand both the processes of the freight companies and freight buyer.
    Because of this we can create synergies that benefits both parties.

  • Hidden cost

    Companies are often invoiced false add on freight expenses.
    The solution is to filter out the unprofessional players from the industry.
     If a freight provider doesnt meet up with agreed service, they risk to loose the whole Hard Tilt volume.
    We set up professional freight agreements and effiecient freight cost control solutions to regulate this.

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CO2 footprint reduction

Pioneers with a proven track record of implementing train and intermodal setups that vastly reduces emissions connected to the supply chain.

  • Inbound

    Road, railroad, sea, air, courier or a mix, we are used to setup intermodal solutions. Numerous aspects has an impact on  the inbound setup. Stock value management, dead line- or service level agreements. We adapt the setup to your strategy. 

  • Outbound b2b

    We design global distribution solutions to handle deliveries to warehouses, stores and malls. Setups for spot time deliveries to large shopping centers. Freight notifications decreases handling and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Outbound b2c

    Consolidating outbound volumes gives us strong position and bargain power towards postal and courier companies. We can adapt the last mile freight to meet and exceed local consumer expectations.

  • returns

    A convenient return process is expected by the customer of today. We adapt the return setup for your needs. Different return setups are needed for low value e-commerce orders compared to B2B high tech service returns.

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our Method

it's the process that pays off


    Data analysis of your current freight setup.
    Interviews and workshops to define your current as well as strategic needs and customer offer.
    Internal freight administration.
    Customs operations.


    Full supply chain setup or pin point prioritised routes.
    Designing a freight setup to meet up with current as well as strategic goals.
    Customs setups.
    Defining a RFQ together with you.

  • procurement

    Freight procurement with top tier freight companies.
    Larger companies that can handle a big variation of needs.
    Smaller companies specialized on certain routes.
    Freight companies values a good relationship with us due to the scale of our total volume.

  • Implementation

    Information flow and system integrations.
    SOP, SLA and KPI:s to to create lasting results and follow up possibilites.
    Freight cost control solutions.
    Transport administrative systems to make complex simple.

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